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Welcome to Bluefield, West Virginia

The Greater Bluefield area is a beautiful, mountainous community, straddling the borders of West Virginia and Virginia. Here the small town feeling mixes with progressive business, excellent medical, educational and cultural facilities and thriving industry to create an ideal place to live, work, raise a family and retire.

The Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce has either been at the forefront, or played a key role, in progressive projects in the Bluefields for over 100 years. Recent accomplishments include the re-opening of the Greater Bluefield Community Center, and construction of the East River Mountain overlook. The Community Center is a beehive of activity providing the young, the old and the infirmed with a place to socialize or exercise; and the East River Mountain Overlook affords visitors a breath-taking view of the area during any of its four colorful seasons. Tops among the Chamber’s regular attractions is the biennial Bluefield Coal Show which has been recognized as the best show of its kind in the U.S. Other popular sponsorships include the Better Living Show and the annual Mountain Festival. These sponsorships bring visitors from far and wide, and keep the Bluefields as the hub for activities in the multi-state region. The Chamber will continue to provide the area with leadership and vision as “The Voice of Business in the Bluefields.”

Interesting Facts:

Bluefield prides itself on its hospitable climate. Since 1938 the Chamber of Commerce has given free lemonade when the temperature has surpassed 90°F.

Bluefield Motto: Nature’s air conditioned city, where the summer spends the winter.

Area: 8.86 square miles
Elevation: 2,611 ft
Population (2010)
– City 10,447
– Mircropolitan: 107, 578

Bluefield Micropolitan consists of two counties (Mercer County, West Virginia and Tazwell County, Virginia) and consists of the following communities:

  • Bluefield, West Virginia (>10,000 inhabitants)
  • Bluefield, Virginia (5,000-10,000 inhabitants)
  • Princeton, West Virginia (5,000-10,000 inhabitants)
  • Athens, West Virginia (1,000-5,000 inhabitants)
  • Cedar Buff, Virginia (1,000-5,000 inhabitants)
  • Richlands, Virginia (1,000-5,000 inhabitants)
  • Tazwell, Virginia (1,000-5,000 inhabitants)
  • Bramwell, West Virginia (<1,000 inhabitants)
  • Matoaka, West Virginia (<1,000 inhabitants)
  • Montcalm, West Virginia (<1,000 inhabitants)
  • Oakvale, West Virginia (<1,000 inhabitants)
  • Pocahontas, Virginia (<1,000 inhabitants)

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