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Speech Therapy

Speech therapists (also known as speech-language pathologists) evaluate, diagnose and treat patients with a wide variety of conditions that affect oral motor skills, swallowing, and speech and language abilities. Bluefield Regional Medical Center’s speech therapists work closely with neurologists, ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctors and other specialists to thoroughly evaluate patients and treat a variety of conditions.

Bluefield Regional Medical Center’s speech therapists provide education, support and treatment strategies to improve communication and swallowing. Bluefield Regional Medical Center offers inpatient speech therapy services as part of a multi-faceted treatment approach. A speech-language pathologist can assist individuals in the following areas:

  • Assessment to identify and describe a patient’s language knowledge and skills
  • Assisting those individuals with expressive and/or receptive communication disorders in selecting and obtaining appropriate augmentative and/or communication components to enhance communication
  • Assessment to diagnose normal and abnormal parameters of the swallowing system
  • Provide treatment to improve the patient’s oral, pharyngeal, and laryngeal neuromotor function and control and coordination of respiratory function with swallowing activities to facilitate the patient’s ability to masticate and swallow safely and efficiently
  • Assisting patients in the understanding and use of prosthetic/adaptive devices for communication
  • Treatment to correct the patient’s orofacial myofunctional patterns and related speech patterns
  • Treatment to achieve improved speech behaviors and attitudes by addressing fluency disorders
  • Treatment to improve auditory processing, listening, spoken language processing and the overall communication process of patients with a central auditory processing disorder

Hours of Operation/Contact Information

Bluefield Regional Medical Center offers inpatient speech therapy services five days per week, typically Monday-Friday. Days are subject to change so that services may also be offered on Saturday and/or Sunday.

Hours of operation vary, but 4-5 hours of service is offered on each of the five days.

Contact Information:
Phone Number: (304) 325-1975